GOEIC receives a delegation of the Yemeni business council

Publish Date 13/01/2022 11:03 AM
Last Update 16/01/2022 01:39 PM

In the frame work of GOEIC's caution to remove all obstacles which hurdle the trade movement towards business society and to facilitate the foreign trade movement, engineer/Esam Elnagar, the chairman of GOEIC, received the Yemeni delegation represented by Mr.  Mohamed Megahed head of Yemeni business council.

The delegation also includes both:

 Mr. / Amr papten vice president of the council for industry affairs

Mr. / Abdalla Matlob Atef/ a board member.

Engineer/ Esam Elnagar reviewed the functions of GOEIC and the supervisory role entrusted to it and the procedures and the assistance which Yemeni investors can receive in Egypt through the work and activities of GOEIC.

Also both sides discuss the means of reinforcing the cooperation between two countries with the aim to increase the trade exchange and the foreign trade movement between them.

Both sides agreed to study proposals to set up some activities in partnership and cooperation between GOEIC and the Yemeni business council to serve the two brotherly countries and to strengthen bilateral relations between them.

On the side lines of the meeting, they exchanged souvenir shields where Engineer/Esam Elnagar presented GOEIC's shield to Mr. Mohamed Megahed in appreciation of his efforts in strengthening trade cooperation relations between the two countries. In return Mr. Mohamed Megahed presented the council's shield to Engineer/ Esam Elnagar as an expression of gratitude for the Egyptian efforts being made to provide facilities to Yemeni investors in different fields.

At the end of the meeting, he expressed his pleasure as per the delegation's visit and expressed that GOEIC is always ready to provide its full support to the business community.

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