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Exports and origin


The Central Department is responsible for export and origin affairs

  1. Supervising all Egyptian export activities and following up on inspection and licensing work for exported consignments through GOEIC’s branches in various ports. 
  2. Follow up on all procedures for issuing preferential and non-preferential certificates of origin at GOEIC’s branches and solve all problems facing Egyptian exporters in the issuance process. 
  3. Verifying the validity of the preferential certificates of origin and the extent to which the items listed on the certificates of origin meet the preferential rules of origin in accordance with preferential trade agreements in accordance with verification requests received from the customs of importing countries. 
  4. According to Prime Minister Decree No. 597 of 2002, in the event that the Customs Authority doubts whether the rules of origin have been met on shipments received from any of the countries with which an agreement containing customs preferences has been concluded, the shipment and its documents shall be referred to the General Organization for Export and Import Control to review it and ensure that it fulfills the rules of origin necessary for granting Whether or not to prefer customs and bear responsibility for that, and the Customs Authority is committed to what the GOEIC decides in this regard 
  5. Awareness Exporters periodically provide instructions and decrees to facilitate Egyptian exports through their affiliated departments through workshops with export councils and chambers of commerce on a periodic basis. 
  6. Participation in training courses for granting exporters a certificate to practice the export profession at GOEIC’s training center 

The following is an explanation of its affiliated departments:

الإدارة العامة لفحص الصادرات

General Department of Export Affairs:

  • Firstly: You follow up on the inspection work and licensing for shipments exported through GOEIC’s branches in the various ports where based GOEIC Inspection of industrial goods (leather -marble) The examination is carried out in accordance with the ministerial decrees related to each commodity, as well as the examination procedure Optional for any commodity Which Stakeholders request organist is optional to examine it


  1. Inspecting the marble according to the decree Ministerial No. 556 of 2014 and Circular No. 7 issued by the Customs Authority to present marble shipments to GOEIC to determine the level of finishing.
  2. Leather inspection in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 304 of 2011, 453 of 2015, 879 of 2017, as well as Decree No. Ministerial No. 394 of 2023 regarding inspection of leather shipments in production areas.
  3. Inspection of leather in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 453 of 2015, as well as Ministerial Decree No. 879 of 2017 regarding the inspection of leather shipments in production areas.
  4. Furniture according to the decree Ministerial No. 460 of the year2012, As well as No. 697 of 2012.
  5. Paints and solvents in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 591 of 2014.
  6. Mining materials of which: A- Feldspar and quartz ore according to the decree Ministerial No. 540 of 2015, B- Manganese according to the decree Ministerial No. 272 of 2016.
  7. Fertilizers Nitric acid According to the decree Ministerial No. 1064 of 2017.
  8. Crushed blocks the snow and powder the snow According to the decree Ministerial No. 1491 of 2017.
  9. Scraps, waste, rags, and rags of jeans and polyester fabrics, in accordance with the decree Ministerial No. 195 of 2020.

secondly: follow up to receive and insert Statistical models in other branches of GOEIC non-Automated.

Third: The administration reviews the exporters’ data and records it in the first stage on GOEIC’s program for the approved exporter

الإدارة العامة لإصدار شهادات المنشأ

General Department of Certificates of Origin

The department is responsible for issuing certificates of origin for Egyptian goods originating in trade agreement countries or acquired origin Egyptian Exported to countries concluded with the Arab Republic of Egypt Agreements Bilateral, regional or multilateral trade, under which Egyptian exports enjoy preferential treatment, except for what is specifically stipulated in this regard in any Who is this agreements, Certificates of origin are issued in accordance with the terms of the preferential agreements of the member states of the agreement Preferential Just.

Types of certificates of origin that Issued by GOEIC (Logo League of Arab States -an agreement bilateral– EUR.1 – EURMED – FORM A – Mercosur – COMESA – GSTP – AFCFTA (.

The certificate is issued to whoever requests it in accordance with the rules that It is determined by GOEIC after paying the prescribed fee and issuing it immediately for perishable goods or commodities that You charge by planes.

The exporter must be committed to making available to the General Organization for Export and Import Control all data and information regarding certificates of origin that It is issued by GOEIC so that it can verify the authenticity of the origin if Unless the country to which the shipment is issued requests verification of the authenticity of the origin, the exporter shall keep records and documents that The statement of origin shall be confirmed for a period of five years from the date of issuance of the certificate, in accordance with the decree Ministerial No. 770 of 2005And its amendments.

Chambers of Commerce issue documents according to specialization Certificate of origin for exports of Egyptian goods to countries with which no preferential agreements are concluded

within the framework of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area in If there is an intermediary, it is indicated in Certificate of origin to facilitate and develop exchange Commercial Among Arab countries (Box Notes No7) To the presence of a mediator with a male name Intermediate country in the formula next: the seller Final for these goods (name Mediator) in (country Mediator) The broker's invoice must include a reference to the number and date of the exporter's invoice referred to in certificate Origin.

Certificates of origin are not issued for free zone products and exports under agreement Facilitating and developing exchange Commercial between countries Arabic.

Data on certificates of origin are listed by the issuing company on GOEIC’s website before applying to issue the certificate through GOEIC’s branches

الإدارة العامة للإتفاقيات التجارية والتحقق

General Department for Agreements Commercial and verification concern with:

  • Studying cases of doubt received from customs for verification in accordance with Decree 597 of 2002
  • Subsequent verification of the origin of exported goods within Frame Preferential trade agreements
  • Study subsequent verification requests received from customs of countries with which preferential trade agreements are concluded and carry out procedures to verify the authenticity of certificates of origin, as well as Interpolation Egyptian exports follow the rules of origin in accordance with international protocols and respond it.
  • Participation of relevant authorities related to the nature and tasks of GOEIC’s work regarding facilitating trade and obtaining preferential benefits for Egyptian exports in importing countries.
  • Share in Study, update and implement the stipulated rules of origin by agreements Preferential trade agreements concluded between Egypt and various economic blocs.
  • Awareness exporting manufacturers on how to prepare their products to comply with the rules of origin of each agreement so that they can benefit. And competition with their products in Importing countries, which contributes in Maximizing Egyptian exports.
  • Accreditation of the exporter in the accredited source system (Approved Exporter) is a system that grants exporters who have the requirements stipulated in the executive procedures of the approved exporter within the framework of preferential trade agreements.
  • Management is checking the extent Interpolation Goods imported from countries with which the agreement is concluded agreements preferential protocol for its rules of origin, based on the referral of the shipment and its documents from the presidency of the Egyptian Customs Authority to the presidency of GOEIC in accordance with the decree of Dr./ Chairman of the Council Ministers No. 597 of 2002.

Issuing certificates of conformity in the field of mutual recognition of conformity certificates for non-food industrial goods and in the field of pre-shipment inspection of Egyptian exports signed between Egypt and a number of countries. Which Some of them came into Implementation: : -

Memorandum of understanding signed between Egypt and Tunisian field of mutual recognition of conformity certificates for non-industrial goods food. .

Memorandum of understanding signed between Egypt and Sudan in The field of pre-shipment inspection for exports Egyptian. .Click Here to view the agreed upon goods

المصدر المعتمد

Approved Exporter:

Certified Exporter system (Approved Exporter) It is a system that grants exporters who meet the stipulated requirements with procedures Executive Exporter Approved by They replace Issuing a certificate Origin within Frame of Trade agreements preferential» “With a commercial invoice or any other commercial document,” with an agreed-upon statement proving the preferential origin of the goods and granting this source a number with special codes, so that each approved exporter has its own number. The commercial document containing the phrase and the approved exporter number is treated as a proof of origin document.

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