Goeic continues its work in protecting the Egyptian market where it inspects the seizures of the border guards

Publish Date 27/06/2021 10:28 AM
Last Update 29/06/2021 12:42 PM

In the frame of Goeic caution to preserve the national economy and guarantee the health, security and quality of imported goods into the Arab Republic of Egypt, a committee was formed to include the following members from GOEIC branch in Alexandria: Engineer/ Ahmed Hanfy Ahmed from department of non-industrial products, engineer/Hamdy Mohamed Ramadan from department of industrial products, Mr. Ahmed Zaki Gado and Mr. Mohamed Said.

The committee was formed in co-operation with the customs authority and the Veterinary quarantine where it moved to the stores of border guards to inspect the seizures of the following areas Marsa Matruh, Siwa and Salum and the results of inspection were as the following:

  • The seized cigarettes are not fit for human use due to the presence of apparent mold and unpleasant odors, and the absence of the data required to be recorded on the package.

  • The source of the seized human medicines is unknown, not registered with the Ministry of Health, lack of registration number and their circulation in the Egyptian market is not permitted.

  • The source of the seized contact lenses and cosmetics is unknown and not registered with the Ministry of Health, and its circulation in the market is prohibited.
  • Expired multi-species insecticides.

  • Reports were prepared for the execution of all unfit items for consumption and a decision was issued by the Military Prosecution to hand them over to the Customs Authority warehouses.


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