Chairman of GOEIC meets Alexandria businessmen to discuss the future of Egyptian industry and exports according to the state's strategy

Publish Date 05/05/2023 11:39 AM
Last Update 07/05/2023 01:11 PM

Chairman of GOEIC meets Alexandria businessmen to discuss the future of Egyptian industry and exports according to the state's strategy to reach 100 billion dollars.

 During his meeting with the Businessmen Association in Alexandria, Eng. Essam Al-Naggar reviewed the services provided by the General Organization for Export and Import Control to the exporters community, on top of which is the provision of foreign trade data to assist exporters and provide accurate information with the latest scientific methods. 

His Excellency also explained the extent of the development witnessed by the various branches of GOEIC, and explained that the commercial registration services, the customer must first book an appointment in advance, and the time for the services provided was reduced to 20 minutes only. In order to facilitate the clients, several commercial registration offices have been opened in the chambers of commerce, such as the model commercial registry office within the Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, Tanta, Kafr El-Sheikh, Gharbia and Banha. Commercial registration services are currently provided in addition to the main branches of GOEIC (Cairo - Alexandria - Port Said - Suez - Damietta) in the GOEIC branch. In Aswan, in order to facilitate all customers and save time, effort and expenses, commercial registration services will soon be added to the digital Egypt portal to facilitate customers.

In the field of Exports and Origin:

Eng. Essam Al-Naggar indicated that it is now possible to register certificates of origin electronically through GOEIC website. He also noted that the services provided to exporters are registration in the approved exporter program.

As for GOEIC laboratories, Eng. Essam El-Naggar, Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control, stated that His Excellency the Prime Minister issued his instructions to allocate an amount of 932 million pounds for the development of laboratories in the various Egyptian ports by adhering to the application of the latest systems and rules followed internationally in examination and testing procedures.

Pointing out that GOEIC developed a strategic plan for the period from 2018 to 2020 with the aim of developing its central laboratories established in the Egyptian land, sea and air ports, at a cost of 360 million pounds. 

His Excellency the Prime Minister, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, and Eng. Ahmed Samir Minister of Trade and industry, inaugurated GOEIC new industrial laboratory in Ain Sokhna port.

A new industrial Lab will also be opened in East Port Said Port.

His Excellency also stressed during the meeting that the General Organization for Export and Import Control is one of the main Labs in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, as it plays a pivotal and effective role through its laboratories spread in air, sea and land ports to ensure their conformity with Egyptian and international specifications, as well as examining the production requirements and inputs received for the industry and working on speedy release. In support of the Egyptian industry.

This was reflected in the increase in the number of laboratories located in Dekheila Port from 8 industrial laboratories to 28 industrial laboratories covering all areas of traditional testing and a number of new fields that are present in Egypt and the Middle East for the first time. And 4 specialized laboratories have been established in areas including polymers, biodegradable plastics, testing detergents and soaps, in addition to examining wood, building materials, and textile quality tests. The number of laboratories has also been increased in the port of Damietta from 9 laboratories to 13 laboratories. A laboratory for rims and tires has been established in Ain Sokhna port.

GOEIC has also paid great attention to raising the efficiency of the infrastructure of its laboratories and providing them with the latest, most accurate and fastest laboratory equipment, which supports all necessary tests to be conducted on imports and exports in order to conform to international specifications, which enhances their competitiveness in the global market.

And with reference to the global interest in the issue of climate change in order to reduce the impact of global warming and the tendency to use biodegradable products and the tendency of many countries, especially the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and some of the African Union countries, which represent a fertile market for Egyptian exports, to rely on suitable and high-quality alternatives that enable these countries From the transition to a green economy, Eng. Essam Al-Naggar reviewed the latest laboratory that GOEIC is currently working on, which is the biodegradation test laboratory, where carbon emissions from various products are one of the factors of the third scope in calculating the carbon footprint from cradle to grave. Therefore, GOEIC works, in cooperation with the US Agency, to establish a laboratory to measure the biodegradation of different products according to international standards:

- OECD TG310

- OECD TG311

Which will have a positive impact on the reputation of the national industry and thus Egyptian exports and a very important impact on reducing emissions and supporting a clean economy. This laboratory specializes in measuring carbon dioxide emissions from various products through aerobic and anaerobic decomposition.

His Excellency also explained the prominent role played by the conformity certificate issuance unit in GOEIC and its accreditation in ISO: 17065

The unit also provides many services such as registration in the Saudi Saber system and issuance of free sale certificates.

Where the electronic version of the Source Guide booklet for registration in the Saudi Saber system (second edition) was launched and to learn about the regulations approved by the General Organization for Export and Import Control, which contains: -


  1.  Definition of the unit for granting certificates of conformity to products.
  2. Defining the Saber electronic platform.
  3. Technical Regulations for Textile Products.
  4. Technical regulations for shoes and their accessories.
  5.  Technical regulations for leather products and their products.
  6. Technical Regulations for Biodegradable Plastic Products.
  7.  Technical Regulations for Paper and Cardboard Products.
  8. Food Contact Technical Regulations.
  9. Technical regulations for detergents.
  10.  Technical regulations for electric batteries.
  11.  Advantages of registration by the Unit for Issuing Certificates of Conformity.


At the end of the meeting, His Excellency affirmed that GOEIC is fully prepared to cooperate with all industry and exporters to support Egyptian exports and increase their ability to compete in global markets and their conformity with the required technical specifications by examining them in its laboratories spread in all its branches. 

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