GOEIC holds its third seminar under the title: "Governance of Conformity Assessment Procedures Using the Latest Artificial Intelligence Application Systems"

Publish Date 04/04/2023 10:17 AM
Last Update 04/04/2023 12:43 PM

Within the framework of the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s keenness to improve the system of services provided to the exporters and importers community through commitment to implementing the latest systems and rules followed in a way that contributes to facilitating the movement of trade between Egypt and the countries of the world,  GOEIC  holds a seminar in cooperation with the Yokogawa company’s team in the Middle East and Africa to clarify the capabilities of the laboratory management system LIMS.

The leaders of GOEIC and a group of Engineers from food, chemical and industrial laboratories participated in the seminar. Representatives of the National Food Safety Authority also participated in the seminar.

The seminar aims to identify the best international practices applied in this field by reviewing the networking systems in order to keep pace with the requirements of the comprehensive strategic plan of the state and implement the directives of the President of the Republic in the governance of ports and speed up procedures for assessing conformity in ports for goods, as well as tightening control over the circulation, import and export of inferior goods, And to implement international requirements in this field using the latest artificial intelligence application systems.

Representatives of Yokogawa Company gave a detailed presentation on the capabilities of the LIMS laboratory management system in providing systems for linking laboratory procedures deployed in GOEIC.

Eng. Essam El-Naggar, Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control, stated that GOEIC plays a pivotal and effective role in supporting the state's efforts to serve Egyptian trade and industry, including efforts to shift to green industries, confront climate changes, and settle the circular green economy.

This is done by strengthening the infrastructure system for the quality of products and the protection of the Egyptian consumer as it is a conformity assessment body and granting conformity certificates for industrial, non-food and food products in cross-border trade movement, as well as combating internal commercial fraud, as it is unique in having an unparalleled integrated system of examination Labs.

And advanced tests spread geographically throughout the Republic and inside the Egyptian ports.

As well as international accreditation and recognition systems in all areas of conformity assessment procedures: (ISO17065, ISO 17020, ISO 17025 & PT Unit).

His Excellency explained that GOEIC is one of the leading government agencies in the country that possesses an integrated international laboratories and accreditation system in all areas of international conformity assessment systems, through its international accreditation as an awarding body for conformity certificates for industrial products in accordance with the ISO 17065 system, and its international accreditation in the competitiveness of laboratories and conducting laboratory tests and calibration In accordance with ISO 17025, for nearly 2000 test fields in 300 advanced laboratories in GOEIC branches spread throughout the Republic, as well as its international accreditation as an internationally accredited examination and inspection body in accordance with the ISO 17020 system, as well as the quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 system. 

Eng. Essam Al-Naggar also emphasized that GOEIC play a role in protecting against internal commercial and industrial fraud by matching the products offered in the local markets to the standard specifications.

In the context of supporting the transition to a green industry system, GOEIC

established specialized laboratories in Dekheila Port, which are the first of their kind in Egypt and the Middle East. They were inaugurated by His Excellency the Prime Minister in August 2022, within the framework of Egypt’s international commitments with the requirements of the United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change (UNFCCC). , as well as the environmental goals for sustainable development of the United Nations and what was included in the World Climate Conference COP27 in Egypt, to reduce the effects of climate change resulting from thermal emissions and the phenomenon of global warming, which has become a mandatory requirement for many countries that apply environmental standards in conformity assessment procedures for industrial products in Cross-border trade.

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