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The General organization for Export and Import Control signs a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian commercial representation to raise competitiveness and promote the Egyptian product in foreign markets

The General organization for Export and Import Control and the Commercial Representation Authority signed, a cooperation protocol aims to promote Egyptian exports in foreign markets by exchanging information and expertise to expand export opportunities and put Egyptian industrial facilities on the global competition map

Signing the protocol

The protocol was signed by Engineer Essam Al-Naggar, Chairman of the General organization for Export and Import Control, and Minister Yahya Al-Wathiq Billah, Trade Commissioner, Head of the Commercial Representation Authority with  the presence of Mohamed Ahmed, Head of the Central Administration for Information Systems and Digital Transformation, and Mohamed Fahmy, Director of the Business Sector Department, The Minister is Commercial Commissioner, Bassem Farouk, Director of Information and Export Services Department, and Commercial Advisor Sherif Irfan, Director of Development and Institutional Communication.

Minister's directives

Engineer Essam Al-Naggar, Chairman of GOEIC said that the protocol comes within the framework of the directives of Engineer Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, on the importance of activating cooperation and integration between the various arms of the Ministry to achieve the state’s plan towards sustainable economic development, As well as supporting the strategy of the Ministry of Trade and Industry aimed at raising the competitiveness of Egyptian products in a way that contributes to facilitating the movement of trade and developing and encouraging Egyptian exports to global markets, pointing out that cooperation and coordination between the General organization for Export and Import Control and the Commercial Representation Authority contributes to promoting Egyptian exports abroad through exchange Different information and experiences between the two sides while GOEIC has the infrastructure equipped with the latest modern technological means, including the electronic data warehouse for foreign trade and the foreign trade information center, which enables it to provide foreign trade data regarding exported and imported goods in terms of type, quantity, total value, and the countries imported from and exported to, which It contributes to increasing export opportunities and developing the competitiveness of Egyptian products in global markets.

Commercial representation

Al-Naggar praised the prominent role played by the Egyptian commercial representation in increasing the access opportunities for Egyptian exports to foreign markets and attracting foreign investments to the various productive sectors in the country through an advanced work system spread in many countries of the world. Pointing out that this cooperation between the two sides reflects the cooperation and integration of state institutions to provide the best services to exporters, and also contributes to better exploiting the capabilities available in the two sides, in order to achieve effective cooperation in order to facilitate the movement of foreign trade to Egypt.

Exchange of information

For his part, Minister Trade Commissioner Yahya Al-Wathiq Billah, Head of Commercial Representation, indicated that this protocol comes within the framework of efforts to establish an institutional mechanism for cooperation between commercial representation and control of exports and imports, aiming to facilitate the exchange of information and statistics, which provides a continuous and analytical view of the performance of the Egyptian state’s foreign trade. It contributes to increasing access opportunities for Egyptian products to priority international markets and enhancing the ability to monitor the performance of the Egyptian economy through statistics and market analysis.

date of publication : Thu,09 May 2024 09:03 pm
Last updated: Thu,09 May 2024 09:03 pm
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