Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control approves the registration of the first two companies in the approved source system within the framework of GOEIC Euro-Mediterranean agreements

Publish Date 27/12/2022 05:37 PM
Last Update 10/01/2023 02:51 PM


In line with the state’s role in sustainable development and increasing Egyptian exports to access international markets and achieving GOEIC vision in simplifying procedures, today the first two companies have been approved by the Export source system within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean agreements through the Central Administration for Exports and Origin at the headquarters of the General Organization for Export and Import Control.


Eng. Essam Al-Naggar received the following companies (Canadian International Aluminum Company - Nile Company for Advanced Agricultural Industrialization) who have fulfilled all the procedures and requirements of GOEIC to join the Approved Exporter System, as well as fulfilling the rules of origin stipulated in the Euro-Mediterranean agreements.


It is worth noting that the approved Exporter system was stipulated in Egypt's agreements with each of the following: (Egyptian-European Partnership Agreement - Aghadir Agreement - Free Trade Agreement between Egypt and Turkey - EFTA Agreement - Free Trade Agreement between Egypt and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).


This system is also being introduced into the agreements currently under negotiation, the Eurasian Agreement & the African Free Trade Agreement (AFCFTA).


In view of the importance of this system, the agreements currently in force between Egypt and a number of trade partners are being amended to include it in the Rules of Origin protocols attached thereto, such as the COMESA Agreement, due to its effectiveness.


It gives exporters who meet the requirements stipulated in the executive instructions of the system an important advantage by replacing the issuance of certificates of origin “Eur, 1 & Eur-Med” with a commercial invoice or any other commercial document, with the text included in the rules of origin of the Euro-Mediterranean agreement proving the origin of the goods. Preferential and granting this sources an "authorized source code", and the commercial document in which the text and number of the approved source is written is treated as a document of proof of origin.


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