The Minister Of Trade And Industry meets the leaderships of General Organization Of Export And Import Control

The minister of trade and industry discusses with the leaderships of GOEIC and chemical administration the ways to upgrade the services system provided to the business community.

Neven Gamea: A joint committee to be formed between GOEIC and the chemical administration to develop a comprehensive vision for the completion of the merge process and maximize the benefits of all materials and human potentials available on both sides

Publish Date 24/10/2021 12:14 PM
Last Update 27/10/2021 01:28 PM

The minister of trade and industry, Dr. Nevean Gamea, confirms that the ministry is keen on upgrading the services system provided for exporters and importers community through committing to implementing the latest systems and rules followed internationally related to inspection and release procedures of exported and imported shipments to facilities the trade movement between Egypt and world's countries.

The minister of trade and industry said that GOEIC represents a main axis within the ministry's strategy aiming at reinforcing  and developing the foreign trade and realizing  the ministry's plan to get the volume of exports reaching 100 billion dollars annually specially, that GOEIC has a large number of competencies and the young cadres which can be exploited to upgrade the services system and the execution speed of procedures according to the requirements of the digital transformation adopted by our country.

During the meeting between the minister and the engineer/Esam Elnagar (chairman of GOEIC) and a number of heads of central managements of GOEIC and chemical organization, the meeting dealt with the work plan of GOEIC during the next stage and the ways of activating its role to develop the foreign trade system and to increase the exports and develop the national economy. Mrs /Hanan Sallam (the consultant of minister for institutional development and human resources) attends this meeting.

The minister pointed that the current stage requires the combination of the efforts of all GOEIC's employees to keep up with the great development witnessed by the Egyptian economy. The minister congratulates Dr. /Dalia Talat Shehab Eldin (the head of central management for export and origin at GOEIC) for obtaining the government excellence award for this year.

The minister directed to form a committee from leaderships of GOEIC and chemical organization to put a comprehensive vision for the implementation of the decision to merge the two sides into one side, taking into consideration the employees' interests, the test devices and available assets in order to maximize the benefits of all available capabilities.

Besides, the leadership of GOEIC confirm their keenness to upgrade the role and position of GOEIC specially, under the great caring from the ministry to develop this huge entity which available in all customs outlets which considering the safety value to save the Egyptian product reputation abroad and also the local market from entering any poor quality products and reach to the Egyptian consumer

Good to mention that dr./neven gamea the minister of trade and industry recently issued a decision to assign the engineer/Esam Elnagar (chairman of general organization of export and import control) for three months or until the completing of the procedures of appointing the chairman are completed according to laws and regulations applicable in this regard


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