Chairman of General Organization of Import and Export at the 6th of October investors association meeting

Publish Date 12/10/2021 12:58 PM
Last Update 26/12/2021 12:08 PM

Ismail Gaber : GOEIC has an integrated system to answer the inquiries as soon as possible either through the call center , the website or GOEIC page on Facebook to serve the Egyptian economy


M.G./Ismail Gaber, the chairman of GOEIC is honored by accepting the invitation from the 6th of October investors association to attend the meeting with members of the association sponsored by Polaris parks

Attend this meeting:

Doctor/Mohamed Khamis Shabaan( the chairman of 6th of October investors association)

General /Mohamed Fadel Elzalaat( the chairman of general organization of industrial development )

War staff brigade/Abdelraouf farouk Ahmady (the chairman of organization of industrial control)

And he has reviewed the role of GOEIC and the services which provide to the investors from exporters and importers and the most important points which he explained at the meeting:

-The development of GOEIC's labs by the latest equipment capabilities.

-The conformity products unit to support the investors.

-The electronic system for the commercial registrations.

-An integrated system to answer all the inquiries as soon as possible to serve the Egyptian economy.

-Follow up the implementation of decision (43) to serve the national product.

M.G. /Ismail Gaber chairman of GOEIC clarified that the GOEIC develops its business to serve the manufacturers, regarding to the production supplies where it was updates the electronic system on its site for the commercial registrations to implement the procedures and booking the dates remotely to eliminate the crowd   and to improve the services quality which provided to investors.

M.G./Ismail Gaber confirmed that GOEIC Follow up the implementation of decision (43) of registration of foreign factories importing to Egypt ,also to protect the national products and not allow bad products entering the local market and protect the industry.

And about the development of GOEIC's labs, he confirmed that it is fully developed in all specialties to cover most of the imports, where GOEIC own labs in all sectors (industrial-food-chemical) and has the ability to help the investors to achieve the standard specifications which target all the international markets to improve the products quality to match the standard specifications.

He indicated that the unit for issuing the conformity certificate for products at GOEIC has the ability to give this certificate to the companies for three years to help them in export the products, most notable clothes and textiles sector, home appliance sector and the degradable plastic sector.

GOEIC considers one of the first government agencies to register at saber electronic platform as a conformity assessment body in the field of textile and leather products, all the branches of GOEIC found in all Egyptian ports (sea- air- wild) which contributes to the speedy issuance of certificates of conformity and the analysis results, it also has competitive prices compared to the private companies which working in this field.


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