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Minister of Trade and Industry issued a decision to stop importing ceramics and porcelain for a period of 3 months

Ms. Neveen Gamea / The Minister of trade and industry issued a decree to stop the import of ceramics and porcelain (a type of ceramic tiles and tiles for covering - HS code: 6907) for a period of 3 months. The decree shall be enforced as of the day following its publication in the Egyptian gazette.

The minister said that this decree comes in the frame work of the system of procedures taken by the ministry to organize importing consumption goods including ceramic and porcelain especially at this stage where the world faces the outbreak of Covid- 19.The decree participates in keeping the productive rates of the Egyptian industry from any probable repercussion resulting from outbreak of the virus. She also denotes that this decree shall be reviewed periodically according to novelties in the upcoming stage.

date of publication : Wed,23 Dec 2020 01:07 pm
Last updated: Wed,23 Dec 2020 01:07 pm
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