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Central Department of Engineering Imports and Industrial Commodities


The Central Department of Engineering Imports and Industrial Commodities is one of pillars on which GOEIC relies on and its tasks include:

  1. Protecting the consumer from commercial fraud according to governing laws, resolutions and regulations.
  2. Inspecting engineering imports and imported industrial commodities and verifying its conformity with the importing requirements, standard specifications and governing ministerial resolutions. This is for items subject to the qualitative inspection according to Annex (8) of the Import Regulation No. 770 of 2005.
  3. Participating with the Egyptian Organization for Standards and Quality in developing and updating specifications in line with latest scientific and technological developments as well as providing Egyptian international standards required by all laboratories and branches of GOEIC.
  4. Reviewing grievances submitted by importers and providing technical opinion for such grievances and referring them to the High Commission for Grievances which is formed by the concerned ministerial bodies (if necessary).
  5. Inquiries to be submitted to the customer service office at GOEIC headquarters, and the competent administration in the Central Department of Industrial Commodities will respond to them.
  6. Holding seminars and training courses for importers.
  7. Providing technical opinion for consultations submitted by importers.


The Central Department is divided into:


The General Department for Building Materials, Refractories and Chemicals

  • The role of this Department is to supervise and inspect all building materials and refractories (iron, cement, ceramics, sanitary ware, sandpapers, tableware of all kinds in addition to toys.......).
  • It also inspects all chemicals listed in Annex No. (8), and the most important chemicals include soap and detergents, fire powder, inks, petroleum products, paints, varnish, sulfur, coatings, pens of all kinds, HDF-MDF wooden fibers ....)
الإدارة العامة للبحوث والمواصفات والإرشاد الفنى

اGeneral Department for Inspection of Spinning, Textiles, Leather and Leather Products

The role of this Department is to supervise inspection and analysis of leather and leather products, analysis of garments, analysis of textiles, furnishings and floor coverings..

الإدارة العامة لإصدار شهادات المنشأ

General Department for Inspection of Metal and Mechanical Commodities

The role of this Department is to supervise inspection and analysis of automotive spare parts, agricultural tractors, equipment and motorcycles, it also inspects metal commodities (metal tableware and utensils for cooking, steel parts, welding rods, stainless steel plates.....)..
الإدارة العامة للإتفاقيات التجارية والتحقق

General Department for Scientific Research

Enrolling producers in GOEIC physical inspection lists in accordance with Article (94) of Regulation 770/2005 where the importer or his representative submits a copy of quality system adopted by the company for revision and if the quality system meets the requirements,a letter will be prepared by the producing company, that includes items, brands, production specifications, subsidiary factories and distribution centers (if any). Documents are certified by the commerce chambers and Egyptian embassies in addition to the payment of 2500 L.E (two thousand and five hundred L.E) for services.

Banning and lifting ban on importers who violate the imports regulations. Supervising and participating in the Commission of Disposal and Re-export of Rejected Industrial Commodities Lots.

Informing foreign trade sector with cases of disposition of stored confiscated lots or part of these lots before issuing a certificate of conformity in order to take legal proceedings against the importer and the infringing lots as well..

الإدارة العامة للفرز والتحكيمة

General Department for Inspection of Electric and Miscellaneous Commodities

  • Supervises inspection and analysis of electric and miscellaneous commodities such as electrical home appliances, lamps, glasses, door locks, etc.













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