Eng. Essam Al-Naggar participates in the launch of the activities of the Third International Conference on Arab Food Safety as a deputy for the Minister of Trade and Industry, Eng. Ahmed Samir

Publish Date 18/03/2023 03:56 PM
Last Update 19/03/2023 03:30 PM

Eng. Essam El-Naggar, Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control, started his speech by welcoming the attendees, and praising that this conference achieved the integration of plans and programs supporting the safety of Arab food in its various stages of production, marketing, import and export.

His Excellency added, in his capacity as Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control, to put all the capabilities of GOEIC in favor of exporters, as GOEIC plays a pivotal and effective role in supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, by strengthening the infrastructure system for product quality and protecting the Egyptian consumer, as it is a conformity assessment body and granting certificates of conformity for industrial ,non-food and food in the cross-border trade movement, as it is unique in having an integrated system of advanced examination and testing laboratories spread geographically throughout the Republic and inside the Egyptian ports, as well as international accreditation and recognition systems in all areas of conformity assessment procedures through the unit for issuing certificates of conformity for products, which is an accredited and registered unit Internationally, according to the ISO:17065 system, working to increase the competitiveness of Egyptian industry products for export to global markets.

The General Organization for Exports and Imports Control has also been registered among the global conformity assessment bodies accepted by the Saudi “Saber” program, with the approval of the Saudi Authority for Quality and Metrology.

It is worth noting that this third international conference on Arab food safety is organized by the Arab Union for the Development of Urban Communities for Arab Food Safety, headed by Dr. Adel Rahouma, in the presence of Dr. Tariq Al-Houbi, Chairman of the National Food Safety Authority, representatives of the League of Arab States, the Ministry of Solidarity, the Sudanese Embassy, the Public Authority for Industrial Development, and a group of representatives of research centers, professors and experts specialized in food and agriculture.

Dr. Adel Rahouma, President of the Arab Union for the Development of Urban Communities, said that this year's conference will discuss a number of important issues, including common Arab opportunities and challenges facing food safety and challenges facing the safety and manufacture of medicinal and aromatic plants in the Arab world, the safety, manufacture and circulation of horticultural crops, the safety of meat and its products, and the reality and future of the safety of packaging materials. and packaging.

He added that the conference will also discuss packaging, food safety, microbial safety for raw milk and its products, and the safety of oils and fats.

He explained that the main goal of the union launching these conferences comes to agree on unified ways for the safety of Arab food and to increase trade exchange in food commodities between Arab countries, pointing out that one of the most important goals of the conference is to ensure effective control to achieve the safety and quality of food for the consumer by coordinating communication mechanisms between All concerned parties and agencies in the Arab countries to develop realistic solutions to the common Arab challenges facing food safety and quality, and to strengthen joint Arab efforts to ensure food safety and raise its quality.

He stressed that there are many Arab countries that need to transfer expertise related to food safety to their countries, such as Mauritania, Somalia and Djibouti, noting that the Egyptian National Authority for Food Safety should have one of its roles in exporting knowledge and expertise.

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