The main efforts of the Ministry of Commerce to address climate change and localize the green economy COP 27/2022

Publish Date 09/11/2022 11:09 AM
Last Update 09/11/2022 01:30 PM


The General Organization for Export and Import Control has undertaken the following efforts:



  1. Establishment of a laboratory to inspect biodegradable plastic products and obtain international accreditation according to international standards.
  2. The conformity certification unit obtains accreditation in the field of Saudi technical regulation of biodegradable plastic products.
  3. Eight power efficiency inspection laboratories for appliances and energy rationalization tests for household appliances of all kinds.
  4. Establishment of 5 laboratories in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment to tighten control over imports of refrigeration media.
  5. Establishment of a recycled plastic and rubber inspection lab, scrap and waste plastics and rubber and equipping the lab with state-of-the-art equipment to contribute to the green marking system for environmentally friendly security alternative products.
  6. During the coming period, GOEIC aims to establish a specialized laboratory for conducting biodegradation testing of products during the estimation of carbon emissions, as well as to open four laboratories for conducting energy rationalization tests for household appliances.



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