The Minister of Commerce and Industry discusses with a number of members of the House of Representatives the challenges facing investors and instructs the Ministry's leadership to provide more flexibility to facilitate investors

Publish Date 19/10/2022 12:43 PM
Last Update 19/10/2022 02:24 PM

Eng. Ahmed Samir: We strive to continuously engage with parliamentary councils to find concise solutions to the challenges facing investors, maintain productivity and export rates and provide more jobs for young people.

As part of the series of periodic meetings held by the Eng. Ahmed Samir and the Minister of Trade and Industry with members of the parliamentary councils, the Minister held a meeting with a number of members of the House of Representatives in the presence of the Ministry's leaders and officials The Ministry's vision and action plan were reviewed to deal with the challenges facing investors in all industrial zones in the various governorates of the Republic. The deputies also reviewed a number of challenges facing investors that fall under the responsibility of the organs of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Eng. Samir explained that with regard to the land file, the Prime Minister's State issued a decision to set prices for industrial land throughout the Republic, which included the availability of land at the price of attachment to the titling system. as well as the right-to-benefit system, with lower prices available in the governorates of the upper Egypt with the aim of encouraging investment movement in the tribal face In response to the request of one of the deputies about the need to give incentives to investors wishing to obtain land in the Industrial Zone of South Raswa in Port Said, he pointed out that the General Authority for Industrial Development has completed the entire association of the area and incentives have been given to investors in the region through the reduction of the contractor and the granting of installment facilities to facilitate investors.

In response to one MP's query about the challenges facing exporting companies to disburse export subsidies and update documents, the Minister directed the officials of the Export Development Fund to facilitate procedures to assist companies benefiting from support programs to disburse their dues, especially since this support is a major motivation for maintaining their export markets.

With regard to the Ministry's efforts to promote industrial development in the governorates of the country, Samir pointed out that during the current phase, the Ministry seeks to maximize the economic potential and potential of all governorates of the Republic through the establishment of investment projects based on natural resources and agricultural production in those governorates.

For their part, the members of the House of Representatives confirmed their confidence in the Ministry's new vision and its response in solving the problems of producers s Export Support and Reimbursement Programmer, as well as facilitating the requirements for the establishment and operation of training stations in the interest of productive efficiency, These stations contribute to the graduation of thousands of students annually and provide the industrial sector's needs for qualified technical workers.

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