The Prime Minister inspects the building of GOEIC at the port of Dakhilah

Publish Date 17/08/2022 04:35 PM
Last Update 18/08/2022 09:39 AM

29 Laboratories in the building cover all areas of traditional inspection and a number of new areas that are first present in Egypt and the Middle East.

Today; Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister during his visiting to the port of Dakhila, Alexandria, and his escorts inspected the building of the General Organization for Export and Import Control at the port.

The Prime Minister During his tour of the building parts briefing on the efforts made by the General Organization for Export and Import Control the establishment of a new chemical and industrial plant to examine incoming messages from Alexandria and Dekheila ports. Eng. Essam Al-Naggar, Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control, noted that the new building was opened in February and has 29 laboratories covering all areas of traditional inspection, a number of new fields that are first present in Egypt and the Middle East where 4 specialized laboratories have been established in new fields including polymers, biodegradable plastic, detergent and soap inspection, wood and building materials inspection, and textile quality tests.

Eng. Essam Al-Naggar added that the new building consists of 4 floors, featuring the ground floor 5 laboratories in the fields of petroleum products inspection, security chemicals, electrical cables, household cutters as well as sockets, light switches and electric chassis.

The first floor includes 10 specialized laboratories, including cardboard inspection laboratories, paper products, chemical tests on food products, the natural characteristics of the products as well as the biological virus laboratory, and the second floor includes 8 laboratories, including the fields of polymers and biodegradable plastics, estimation of residue of heavy elements, tobacco and cigarette inspection, timber and building materials as well as optics inspection, Industrial chemistry tests as well as detergent testing, examination of paints, inks and clerical tools. The building's third floor also includes 6 laboratories specializing in pesticide residual assessment, mycotoxin assessment, estimation of additives as well as textile, leather and toys inspection, freon and calibration.

The Prime Minister during his touring of the building, inspected the biodegradable plastic lab, which supports the State's preparations to host the World Climate Conference "COP27", as well as the cereal plant where the two plants are located within the central plant system of the port. The Prime Minister heard an explanation which it was pointed out that the biodegradable polymer and plastic plant is the latest plant recently established by GOEIC, where it inspects biodegradable plastic products in accordance with international standards, These include biodegradable detergents and eco-labelled textile products, which contribute to determining the type of plastic ore, determining whether or not a polymer is recycled, testing acid and alkali resistance to plastics tableware, as well as testing the low heat resistance and dry heat of plastics tableware.

It was also noted that the cereal Lab is responsible for examining all tests of the natural characteristics of food commodities, in particular cereals. The Lab is equipped with the latest high-tech rapid devices. It is a copy of the American GIPSA Lab specializing in grain testing. It is also certified by ISO 17025 /2004, ISO 17025/2017 of the National Council for Certification in all wheat testing tests.

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