Goeic's chairman participates in the tax and customs committee meeting at the Egyptian industries federation

Publish Date 22/11/2021 10:24 AM
Last Update 24/11/2021 10:36 AM


In the frame of Dr. prime minister 's directions to prepare an integrated vision to quick the release procedures about the production requirements for the Egyptian factories according to  the pre- release shipments system (ACI) and simplify customs release procedures and in co-ordination with  the industries federation and both ministries of trade and industry and finance.

A joint meeting was held at the industries federation building yesterday with the attendance of:

  • Engineer / Essam Elnagar: chairman of GOEIC.
  • Mr. /ElShahat ghatoury: Head of the Egyptian customs Authority.
  • Mrs / Mona Naser: Minister's Assistant of finance for follow –up and development affairs of the customs authority.  
  • Mr.: Mohamed Elbehey: member of the federation's board of directors and head of the tax and customs committee at the federation of Egyptian industries.

It was agreed to put the necessary suggestions to simplify the release procedures for the production requirements of the Egyptian factories through applying the risk system (whitelist) especially if these factories have a good history concerning its commitment to satisfying the requirements of inspection for previous shipments.

It is worth to say that the pre-registration system for shipment (ACI) aim to save the Egyptian citizen from the unidentified goods and to decrease release time and then the cost of releasing goods.


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