The minister of trade and industry grants the importers a grace for adjustment

Publish Date 25/05/2021 12:05 PM
Last Update 26/05/2021 01:24 PM

Her highness, the Minister of Trade and Industry, grants the importers a grace of three months to adjust their status

In light of the continuity of the Egyptian state to adopt plans and programs to compensate the losses caused by the new Corona virus and to facilitate the treatments and procedures carried out by different entities especially the private sector that has been indirectly damaged by the effects of that pandemic.

Her Highness, the minister of trade and industry, Dr. Neveen Gamea agreed to grant the importers a grace of three months to adjust the special conditions of the ministerial decree numbered 991 of 2015 and to be ended on 17th of August 2021 due to the third wave of corona virus invasion to the majority of countries resulting into the difficulty of issuing pre-shipment inspection certificates.

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