GOEIC held a seminar to introduce the pre-registration shipments system ACI

Publish Date 28/03/2021 11:35 AM
Last Update 28/03/2021 02:14 PM

Within the framework of mutual cooperation and coordination between GOEIC and the Egyptian company for electronic trade technology (MTS).

M.G./Ismail Gaber invited to hold a joint seminar at (the headquarters of the organization in Cairo airport) to explain and clarify the pre-registration shipments system (ACI) which provide the data and the documents of shipment before shipment by (48) hours at least, in order for the concerned organizations to monitor any danger to the country through the risk management system.

The seminar was presented by:

-Engineer: Ahmed Elroby- project manager (ACI)

-Engineer: Mohamed Rabea-application manager at (MTS) Company

They answer all inquiries which related to the new system and clarify that the application of the pre-registration shipment system (ACI) will be in two stages:

  • First stage:  the experimental operation from the first of April 2021.
  • Second stage: the mandatory operation from the first of July 2021.

He confirmed that the pre-registration shipment system aimed to protect the Egyptian citizen from the anonymous goods and it works to reduce the release time, hence the cost of releasing the goods.

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