Goeic achievements during November 2020

Publish Date 20/12/2020 12:37 PM
Last Update 20/12/2020 02:17 PM

Number of the accepted and rejected shipments by Goeic and the most important achievements during late November 2020

M. G. Ismail Garber, the chairman of GOEIC, announced that the number of shipments Inspected by GOEIC during November 2020 reached about (18291) shipments.

     The number of industrial shipments reached about (15735); where (14849) of them have been accepted; and the most important accepted items are (ready-made garments, car spare parts, and table wear). And about (886) shipments were rejected; the most important rejected items are (filters, bags, wallets, shoes and electrical equipment).

   In addition, the number of non-industrial shipments reached about (2556); where (2490) of them were accepted, and the most important accepted items were (feed, mais, live animals, veterinary vaccinations, cosmetics, perfumes, paper and chemicals). And about (66) shipments were rejected; the most important rejected items are (cigarette paper – wood – potatoes' seeds – feed additions)

During November 2020, GOEIC laboratories inspected about (24427) shipments, where it inspected about (9451) food samples, (3651) industrial samples and (11325) contracted samples.

    As for the certificates of origin, GOEIC issued about (26432) certificates of origin during November 2020 according to the protocols of rules of origin applied within the frame work of the preferential agreements concluded between Egypt and the  other countries to apply the preferential treatments and customs preferences for the Egyptian exports. Examples for these origin certificates are (The Arab League - Bilateral Agreement – COMESA – MERCOSOUR – EUR1 – EUR MED FORMA-A – G.S.T.P.)

   Moreover, GOEIC carried out verification processes of the origin of exported and imported goods to the countries that have preferential agreements with Egypt .The number of verified exported origin certificates reached (28) certificates during the same month.   

As for the commercial registers, about (2596) registers were issued including new registers, renewals and additions. And the data showed the work report as follow:

Importers’ register: 905

Exporters’ register : 545

Commercial and bureau agents: 208

Production requirements register: 791

Real estate brokerage register: 147


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