The General Organization for Exports and Imports Control achievements during late October 2020

Publish Date 10/12/2020 01:37 PM
Last Update 10/12/2020 01:50 PM

Number of approved and rejected consignments by Goeic and the most important achievements during late October 2020

The General Ismail Garber, the chairman of the General Organization for Exports and Imports Control, announced that the number of consignments inspected by Goeic during late October reached about 8422 consignments.

     The number of industrial consignments reached about 6351; where 6305 out of them have been accepted; namely, ready-made garments, car spare parts, table wear and about 46 consignments were rejected . The most important rejected industrial goods were (filters, bags, wallets, shoes and electrical equipment

   In addition, the number of non-industrial consignments reached about 2071 consignments where 2010 consignments were accepted: the most important approved non-industrial goods were feed, live animals, veterinary vaccinations, cosmetics, perfumes and feed additions.

During late October, Goeic laboratories inspected about(21246)consignments  where it inspected about 7539 food samples, 4459 industrial samples and 9248 contracted samples.

    As for the certificates of origin, Goeic issued about 21642 certificates of origin during late October 2020 according to the protocols of rules of origin applied within the frame work of the preferential agreements concluded between Egypt and the  other countries to apply the preferential treatments and customs preferences for the Egyptian exports. Examples for these origin certificates are Arab league certificate, mutual agreement certificates, Comesa, Mercosure, Form .a , Eur.1 and Eur-med.   

   Moreover, Goeic carried out verification processes of the origin of exporting and importing goods imported and exported to the countries that have preferential agreements with Egypt .The number of verified exported origin certificates reached 21 certificates during the same period.   

As for the commercial registers, about 2258 registers were issued including new registers, renewals and additions and the data showed the work volume as the following:

Number of Import registers: 806

Export registers Number of: 610

Number of commercial and bureau agents: 200

Number of production requirements registers: 533

Number of real estate brokerage registers: 109

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