Chairman of GOEIC participates in the closing discussion session to document the life cycle of the organized import and export process from the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES & USAID)

Publish Date 08/05/2023 01:34 PM
Last Update 09/05/2023 10:45 AM

Today in Cairo, the closing session of the series “Documenting the Life Cycle of the Import and Export Process for a Group of Products in Egypt” will be held in the presence of Eng. Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, all problems will be presented, analyzed, immediate and practical solutions will be developed.” Therefore, the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, in cooperation with the Trade Reform and Export Development Project of the United States Agency for International Development, tracked and documented the import and export life cycle for a group of products belonging to 6 different sectors. Beginning with contracting, passing through customs clearance and the shipping process, this session comes as a continuation of the workshops held by the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies during the days of 12, 13 and 15 last March.

Eng. Essam El-Naggar, Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control, stated in the closing panel discussion on documenting the import and export practical life cycle for a group of products in Egypt that risk management will be activated for industrial commodities so that the analysis of chemicals will be completed within 24 hours for their release, provided that the Clarification of its uses in accordance with the regulations established in this regard.

His Excellency explained that GOEIC is working in more than one procedure, as it has worked with American aid to establish a carbon footprint laboratory, and with the participation of GOEIC with private parties, the process of conducting the analysis or registration process will be facilitated, pointing out that strategic plans have been adopted to develop laboratories covering all areas of traditional examination and a number One of the new areas that exist in Egypt and the Middle East for the first time, which is a strong addition, bringing the number of GOEIC laboratories in Dekheila to 28 laboratories, after there were only 8 laboratories. The laboratories in Damietta Port ranged from 9 to 13 laboratories. The laboratories are developed according to the needs of the shipment documents and items they receive, which achieves easily and effectively in the time of customs release.

He added that the certificate of origin can now be registered electronically through GOEIC website through the approved source program.

Among the most important findings of the closing panel discussion is that the import of production requirements is one of the biggest obstacles to the export process, and the problems of the system are linked to many parties, in addition to the existence of preconditions for export and import that increases the complexity of the procedures and affects the slowness of the process, and the most important solution is represented in Implementing the digital transformation completely and truly for all procedures, and creating an integrated system of risks that includes all parties, which means the need to complete the reform efforts undertaken by the government.

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