Near the expiration of the time limit for the reconciliation of the situation under decree No. 991 / 2015 and 96 / 2022 from 20/5/2022

Publish Date 04/04/2022 01:38 PM
Last Update 04/04/2022 01:59 PM

We note the producers and importers that the deadline for reconciling the conditions for the Ministerial Decree No.  991 / 2015 and Decree No. 96 / 2022 have come to the end of 20 May 2022, which is for the import of certain goods on special terms.

The Decree stated that no shipment should proceed. (shoes, leather suitcases, ready- made garments, mattresses, floor sheets, paddles, watches, kitchens, diapers, tools from glass, household appliances, mattresses, children's toys, etc.) + (items of Decree No. 96), Unless the shipment is from one of the producers registered with GOIEC in accordance with the provisions of article (94) of the list of import rules No. 770 /2005 and its modifications, or the importer submits a certified inspection and revised certificate containing the data of the shipment, and the results of the examination and testing that indicate conformity, to the Egyptian standard specifications approved by International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

Note: The entry of the goods in the decision will only be permitted in the presence of a pre-inspection certificate before shipping or registration of the lists of the apparent examination of the General Organization of Export and Import Control.


-Ministerial Decree No. 991 of 2015

- Ministerial Decree No. 96 of 2022

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