GOEIC holds a meeting with the Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo

Publish Date 28/03/2022 07:20 PM
Last Update 29/03/2022 08:49 AM

In the frame work of GOEIC's caution to remove all obstacles which hurdle the trade movement towards business society and to facilitate the foreign trade movement, Engineer/ Essam Elnaggar, chairman of GOEIC, meet today both:-

  • Mr. Keith Kirkham - Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs of the American Embassy
  • Ms. Rania Majdi Mikhail - Commercial Specialist at the Embassy of the United States of America

The discussion between the two parties was about the facilities provided by the General Organization for Export and Import Control to the business community of American exporters. In response to Mr. Keith Kirkham query, Mr. Engineer/Essam Al-Naggar reported that some of the companies registered with the industrial registry in the Arab Republic of Egypt had been suspended according to the expiration of the quality certificate. He stressed that the registration date for the quality certificate should be followed up and renewed in order to avoid the suspension of registered factories and trademarks. In addition, he added that the Ministerial Decree No.43 of 2016 is important for ensuring the quality of the products that are received in the Arab Republic of Egypt. He also referred to the importance of monitoring the website of the General organization for Export and Import Control periodically as the lists of suspended companies are published on the website of the General Organization for Export and Import Control with the three languages. (Arabic/English/French).

At the end of the meeting the two parts agree on the necessary of joint cooperation between them and Also Engineer/Esam Elnagar expressed his pleasure as per the delegation's visit and stressed that GOEIC is always ready to provide its full support to the business community.

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