General Organization Of Export And Import Control holds a meeting with the commercial attaché of the British embassy in Cairo

Publish Date 30/01/2022 10:40 AM
Last Update 01/02/2022 12:22 PM



In the frame work of GOEIC's caution to remove all obstacles which hurdle the trade movement towards the business community and to facilitate the foreign trade movement, the chairman of GOEIC, engineer/Essam El-nagar, received Mr. Edward, the British commercial attaché and his accompanied delegation represented by Dr. Shereen Elsabghaa, the commercial policies counselor and Mr. Sameh Ahmed the territorial market counselor.

The facilitations presented by GOEIC to the exporting business community in the united kingdom was the main prime of discussions where the chairman of Goeic answered all the delegation enquiries concerning the quality certificates required on renewal the status of the enlisted companies in both of the ministerial decrees numbered 43 /2016 and the decree of visual inspection according to article 94 of the executive regulation of import and export numbered 770/2005.

He, the chairman of GOEIC, pointed out the necessity of periodical review from the enlisted companies to their status through the web site of GOEIC that shows clearly in three languages Arabic, English and French the status of these enlisted companies and to what extent they satisfy the requirements of the ministerial decree numbered 43 /2016.

Also, he emphasized on the advantages of registration at the visual inspection list at Goeic and its effect on accelerating the release of imported consignments where visual inspection for the imported consignments of these registered companies are considered sufficient from Goeic perspective according to this system; besides, the need for getting pre-shipment inspection certificates with each consignment exported to Egypt is no longer required.

At the end of the meeting, the chairman of GOEIC expressed his pleasure to the delegation and asserted that GOEIC is always ready to provide its full support to the business community.

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