The10th of Ramadan investors association discusses with Chairman of General Organization of Export and Import Control the obstacles to exports and encourage the national product

Publish Date 19/12/2021 12:34 PM
Last Update 26/12/2021 11:37 AM

Engineer/ Esam Elnagar "GOEIC" cooperates with Saudi saber system and COMESA to facilities the procedures of exporters and ports unloading plan from containers upon arrival.

The 10th of Ramadan investors association headed by Dr. /Samir Aref chairman of association received Engineer/ Esam Elnagar chairman of GOEIC to discuss all problems which face the investors with GOEIC's system and the ways of solving, to encourage the Egyptian exports and to save the national product.

In the presence of:                                                                                                               

- Dr. /Waled helal (vice president of the association)

- Mr. / Ayman Reda (secretary general)

- Engineer/ Mahmoud Sultan (treasurer)

- Mr. /Elsayed Basiouny (member of the board of directors)

- Dr. / Sally Farouk (member of the board of directors)

- Dr. / Hala Mohamed SalahEldin (general manager of the association) and large number of 10th of Ramadan's investors.

- Dr. / Samir aref (chairman of 10th of Ramadan's association) indicated that Engineer/ Esam Elnagar responded quickly, as he was keen to hear complaints and the problems of the investors to facilities the export procedures.

Engineer/ Esam Elnagar reviewed the tasks performed from GOEIC which is the control and quality inspection of industrial  and non –industrial goods , the quality procedures for the food, chemicals and industrial goods according to the standard specifications, in addition to  the commercial registrations ,also the issuing of the origin certificates for the Egyptian exports and providing accurate information and data about the foreign trade movement also, factory registration and producers in the virtual scan list.

Engineer/Esam Elnagar revealed a great facilities to be provided to exporters during the next period, most notably, to facilitates the registration of exporters in Saudi Saber system and reduce registration fees, in addition to the facilities to the exporters with COMESA by cooperation with commercial representative authority to know all COMESA's requirements to provide to the exporters.

Engineer/ Esam Elnagar explained the future plans of GOEIC which aims to facilitate and expedite the procedures for the exporters, most notably, the establishment of the Assiut headquarters soon, after merging with the chemistry authority, and the chambers of commerce in Banha addition to establish of labs in most Egyptian ports, As, what was done in the labs of Alexandria port system.

In addition to establish two central labs at ElAin ElSokhna and East Port Said to reach the minimum release period and also the samples will not go outside the ports without analysis for quickly complete the procedures ,in addition to establish Safaga port lab next month by merging with the chemistry authority also , the Nuweiba port will establish soon,

Noting that, next year will witness a great breakthrough in all ports to prevent samples from being transported from port to other.



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