GOEIC hold a meeting with the Egyptian company for e-commerce technology (MTS) to overcome all obstacles which faces the exporters and the importers

Publish Date 09/12/2021 01:43 PM
Last Update 19/12/2021 10:56 AM

In the light of continuing cooperation and integration between GOEIC and MTS and with the directions of the prime minister to reduce the customs release time, an extended meeting was hold which headed by Engineer/Esam Elnagar chairman of GOEIC and captain/ Osama Elsherief chairman of MTS, the meeting was attended by number of GOEIC's and MTS's leaders.

The meeting started with a speech from Engineer/ Esam Elnagar who welcomed the guests and he indicated that the meeting comes as a continuation of the continuous coordination procedures with single window system to overcome all obstacles which faces the exporters and the importers.

It is worth saying that 95% from Egypt's exports and imports are currently carried out through an e- commerce window platform, within the framework of the country's vision to unify one entry point for goods and work on import governance to make procedures and documents role with digital projects.

The pre-registration system (ACI) provide the production to the country from entry and exit of the prohibited or the unknown goods and it simplifies the entry and exit movement of shipments to and from Egypt which reinforcing the international trade movement .

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