GOEIC and the economic operator unit at customs authority meet to discuss the procedures to facilitate the release of imported shipments as a production requirements

Publish Date 25/11/2021 02:16 PM
Last Update 29/11/2021 01:09 PM

In the light of continuing cooperation and integration between GOEIC and the Egyptian customs authority, and in compliance with the directions and decisions of his excellency the prime minister to align the criteria of factories and companies' enlistment in virtual inspection list of GOEIC and the economic operator list approved by customs authority.

A  Joint meeting has been held between the specialists from both sides at the headquarters of GOEIC and the discussion of this meeting resulted into the following:

  1. studying the extent of compliance between the conditions set for registration in the economic operator at customs authority and that of the whitelist aiming to increase the numbers of registered importers and quick release of production requirements and all imported goods according to the goods displayed on GOEIC.
  2. cooperation between the work teams from both sides and define a contact point from each side for immediate reply for inquiries and solve problems.
  3. Activating all terms of the protocol which includes making quarterly reports for the performance and effectiveness of the protocol, to discuss development mechanisms to comply with the international novelties and digital transformation.
  4. studying the benefits of GOEIC's ratification on some protocols of conformity certificates in the field of mutual recognition between Egypt and other countries.

meet all the admission criteria for the program. Consequently, the company may render a package of advantages aiming to facilitate the procedures according to the latest international standards which contribute to facilitate on the dealers, and reduce the release time, decrease the customs clearance costs and improve Egypt's ranking in the World Bank index (facilitating cross-border trade).  

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