merging Procedures of chemical authority to General Organization for Export and Import Control

Publish Date 25/11/2021 10:51 AM
Last Update 28/11/2021 11:25 AM

The cabinet approved the merge decision of the chemical authority affiliated to the trade and industry ministry to GOEIC, so that all rights of the merged authority will be transferred to GOEIC and all its obligations

The first committee meeting held in GOEIC, yesterday to organize the merging producers of chemical authority's labs to GOEIC'S labs according to the ministry decree 264/2021 headed by Engineer/ Essam Elnagar (chairman of GOEIC) with the attendance of:

  • Dr. /Sahar Elabd - head of the central administration of food and chemical labs.
  • Dr. /Hanaa Monir Rezk - head of chemical authority.
  • Dr. /Sahar  Galal Shafie - general manger of residual tests labs.
  • Dr. /Rehab sadek - General Manger of Chemical Tests Labs.
  • Chemist /Ola Ragab Elnemr - in charge of supervising on general department of quality tests labs for food goods –airport branch.
  • Chemist /Ahmed Hamdy Hanafy - in charge of supervising on general manager of non- destructive testing labs.
  • Dr. /Doaa Abdelhalim Ismail - In charge of general manager of chemicals and miscellaneous.
  • Dr. /Gehan Gamal Eldin Zaky - in charge of general manager for microanalysis.
  • Dr. /Diaa Mohamed AbdeHady - in charge of general manger of customer's service.
  • Dr. /Heba Mohamed Arafa - department manager of water lab.

It is worth saying that, the chemical authority has a vital role to serve the Egyptian citizen, and to protect from the commercial fraud issues and ensuring that the offered products on the market conform to the standard specifications.

GOEIC is the only body affiliated to the ministry that is available in all border and customs outlets being the safety valve to save the Egyptian product reputation abroad and the local market from entering any low quality products reaching the Egyptian consumer.

The merge came to unify the chemical examination and testing bodies affiliated to the  trade and industry ministry under the umbrella of GOEIC because it has labs in all sectors (industrial – foodstuff- chemicals)and has the ability to help the investors to improve the products quality to satisfy the standard specifications where GOEIC's labs have international accreditation .


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