The minister of trade and industry gives time to the importers to reconcile their situation

Publish Date 24/11/2021 12:54 PM
Last Update 24/11/2021 01:51 PM

Neven Gamea: gives the importers time (three months) to reconcile their situation

In the light of the Egyptian state 's continued pursuit of plans and programs to make up for the losses which caused by corona epidemic, and to facilities the deal and the procedures which carried out by different sides (especially the private sector) that was damaged directly from the effects of this pandemic .

The minister of trade and industry approved to give time (three months)to the importers to reconcile their situation, according to the industrial decree 991/2015 that expired at 17/2/2022  due to the overrun of the fourth wave of corona epidemic to most of countries, results that the issuing of pre-examination certificates before shipment become so difficult.

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