The General Organization for Export and Import Control (Goeic) grants a respite to the importers to reconcile their situation

Publish Date 23/02/2021 11:47 AM
Last Update 24/02/2021 02:00 PM

Goeic grants a respite of three months for importers to reconcile their situation

In light of the continuity of the Egyptian state to adopt plans and programs to compensate the loses caused by covid-19 and to facilitate the treatments and procedures of different entities especially the private sector that was directly affected by the effects of that pandemic.

The minister of Trade and Industry , Dr. Neveen Gamea approved the request of Engineer /Ismail Gaber, the chairman of Goeic, to extend the respite granted to the importers to reconcile their situation for three months as per the ministerial decrees numbered   (961/2012) and (991/2015) and to be ended on 17/5/2021; where, it will not be allowed to proceed further for any consignments of footwear, leather bags, ready-made garments , upholstery and floor coverings unless  they are fully compatible with one of the following alternatives:

Alternative (1): To be one of the producers registered at GOEIC in accordance with the provisions of Article (94) of the executive regulations for import numbered (770/2005) and its amendments.

Alternative (2): Submitting a certified and authenticated inspection and auditing certificate that includes the consignment data and the results of inspection and test indicating the conformity to the Egyptian standard specifications approved by the "International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation" (ILAC).

This decision is based on the misunderstanding of some importers for the above decrees  that Goeic may inspect the following products (upholstery - ready-made garments – carpets – floor covers – footwear – leather bags) in its labs as an alternative of submitting pre-shipment inspection certificates or as a substitution of registration of producers according to article (94) of the executive regulation numbered 770 /2005.

 The ministerial decree 961/2012 146.pdf (


The ministerial decree 991/2015  55.pdf (


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