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Publish Date 12/01/2021 12:28 PM
Last Update 17/01/2021 12:32 PM

The number of GOEIC accepted & rejected shipments, and GOEIC achievements 2020

M.G. Ismael Gaber – Chairman of GOEIC announced that number of shipments inspected by GOEIC during 2020 reached (167330) shipments. The number of industrial shipments were (116888), (114725) of them were accepted and (2163) were rejected. As for the number of non-industrial shipments, it reached (50442), (49520) of them were accepted and (922) were rejected.

GOEIC Labs inspected number of (263612) laboratory shipments during 2020, while the inspected samples were (111543) food sample, (65497) industrial sample, and (86572) contracted sample.

GOEIC was very keen on accrediting a number of (13) food and chemical labs according to the International standards specifications ISO 17025, (2) industrial labs are also accredited according to the International standards specifications with the continuation of granting GOEIC the management system certificate according to the International standards specifications ISO 9001.

As for the Certificates of Origin, GOEIC issued a number of (315494) Certificates of Origin during 2020 in accordance with the rules of origin protocols applied by the agreements concluded between Egypt and other countries to apply exemptions and customs benefits granted to Egyptian exports, these certificates were among: (The League of Arab States Logo - Bilateral Agreement – COMESA – MERCSOUR – EUR1 – FORMA-A – EUR-MED – G.S.T.P. - etc.).

While the General Administration of Public Relations & Customer Services answered the complains, inquiries and grievances coming during 2020 through the “Call Center” which received (49966) calls. Customer services department received (8365) visitor, (179865) visitors of website, answering (1909) inquiries in the service of “Ask & we answer”, and issuing (17505) reports from the business sector.

GOEIC Training Center trained number of (1122) trainees during 2020 through many programs like (practicing exportation, practicing importation, laboratory examination by GOEIC labs, occupational safety and health, ISO prog.; etc...)

As for commercial registration, a number of (11394) were made during 2020 between new register, renewal and addition. And the data showed the following:

Importers register: 9629

Exporters register: 6604

Commercial agents register:2442

Production requirements register:6751

Real estate brokerage register:495

The most important achievements of GOEIC during 2020:

-The minister of Trade and Industry opened of "Residual pesticides and toxins lab" at Cairo Airport branch.

-Co-operation Protocol with National Food Safety Authority.

-GOEIC has been approved as Conformity Assessment Body in Saudi "SABER" program.

-According to the International Standards specifications ISO/17020 GOEIC is accredited as an inspection body type (A) in the field of taking samples & visual inspection of labels and signs of the final packing of circuit breakers.

-Activating the pre-booking service of the commercial registers on GOEIC portal.

-Activating the service of submitting the certificate of origin on GOEIC portal.

- The opening of the central room of archiving documents of GOEIC – 6 of October branch.

-The opening of the first Egyptian lab for the tests of rationalizing water consumption and bearing capacity water mixers and valves at GOEIC – Damietta branch.

-Lunching "Traceability" service for imported goods into the markets.

-Restarting the food and chemical labs of GOEIC – Aswan branch.

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