The chairman of the General Organization of Import and Export Control visit ELARABI GROUP Factories.

Publish Date 17/12/2020 11:38 AM
Last Update 17/12/2020 02:25 PM

M.G. / Ismail Gaber in a tour to ELARABI GROUP factories. Delegations of engineers from GOEIC transfer their technical experience to the research and development labs of ELARABI GROUP

Under the directions of the minister /NEVEN GAMEA - the trade and industry minister to cooperation with the private sector to support all technical sides and to encourage the Egyptian exports movement.

The M.G. / Ismail Gaber chairman of General Organization of Import and Export Control headed the delegation of the most qualified engineers to visit the ELARABI GROUP factories at Quesna, and to visit ELARABI industrial complex at Banha which include many factories, ex: small home appliances factory, the engine factory and others. He also took a tour inside ELARABI GROUP research and development labs to know the continuous development processes inside the group where he praised the advanced capabilities and the modern applications which used inside these labs to achieve the mutual cooperation between GOEIC and ELARABI GROUP.

The members of delegation of GOEIC engineers explained the accreditation methods for the labs with ISO 17025 system to apply the highest international quality standards and to achieve a competitive advantage in foreign markets which contributes to facilitate the trade movement between EGYPT and the countries of the world

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