Inauguration of the first Egyptian lab in testing water consumption rationalization and the endurance of water mixers and valves at Goeic Damietta port.

Publish Date 05/11/2020 02:04 PM
Last Update 05/11/2020 02:27 PM

In the frame work of the guidance of his Excellency president Abd Elfatah Elsisi concerning establishing central labs in intrinsic ports to facilitate the procedures of customs release for all goods and the prime minister’s decrees concerning the same topic. And in the frame work of Dr. Nevin Gamea’s caution, the minister of trade and industry, to develop all the labs for all the affiliated bodies of the ministry.


The general organization for export and import control inaugurated the first Egyptian lab in the field of water consumption rationalization and the endurance of water mixers and valves in Damietta in pursuant of the state vision to conserve water resources and guaranteeing the quality of all imported goods.

 General Ismail Gaber, the chairman of the General Organization for export and import control, asserted Goeic’s caution to apply the highest criteria of international specification to conserve water resources and protection of Egyptian consumer. He continued saying “This lab inauguration is a step toward completing the plan of chemical and food stuff labs development at GOEIC during three years- time period with cost reaching 390 million Egyptian pound ;a plan that has been approved by his excellency the prime minister in 2018.”

 General Gaber mentioned that the this lab will inspect all kinds of water mixers, taps and valves according to the Egyptian compulsory standards and international specifications ; besides, it can carry out 100 different tests mentioning GOEIC caution to carry out processes of  different inspections and tests in a very accurate and high quality and in the minimal time to make sure of the conformity of samples, raw material, goods, and local and imported goods to the specifications and criteria of safety .

 General Gaber asserted on Goeic’s caution on full international recognition of Goeic issued certificates from its labs and this will lead to open new markets and an increase in the existence  of Egyptian products internationally ; besides , protecting the consumers from low quality products that are in compatible with the specification and providing high quality products in markets.


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