Accreditation of GOEIC labs – Damietta Port In the field of “Estimating Residues of pesticides and mycotoxins”

Publish Date 23/09/2020 11:33 AM
Last Update 24/09/2020 12:36 PM

Under the directions of Mr. President to govern border ports, GOEIC is keen to develop its food labs at Damietta Port and get the accreditation in the field of estimating Residues of pesticides, as the lab is supposed to estimate and test (420) type of pesticides.

Eng. Ismael Gaber, the chairman of GOEIC announced that the accreditation has been renewed in the field of estimating mycotoxins, heavy metals, artificial sweeteners and preservatives in food products, and also the detection of “Ergot” in grains.

GOEIC also had the accreditation in the field of estimating heavy metals and mycotoxins in food products at GOEIC branch - Al-Adabiya port.

Dr. Sahar Galal, the General Manager of “Residues of Pesticides and Toxins Labs” at GOEIC reported that this lab of pesticides and toxins at Damietta Port branch is the first one of a good job in this field, even that EGAC (Egyptian Accreditation Council) highly praised the inspectors in this lab to be a good start followed by a lot of accredited residues of pesticides and toxins labs in all ports of Egypt.



This complements the approach adopted by GOEIC to comply with the highest International Quality Standards, where GOEIC came at the forefront of all bodies obtain a quality certificate ISO 9001.

Also, all GOEIC Labs are certified the Quality Certificate ISO 17025 in the field of “Inspecting Food and Industrial Products”, as it is the only governmental body in Egypt that has the Quality Certificate ISO 17065 in the field of “Quality Conformity for home appliances that operate on liquefied gas”.

GOEIC also is very keen to upgrade the system of services provided to the exporters and importers community by applying the latest systems, and adhering to the rules followed in inspection procedures and sampling in a way that contributes in facilitating trade between Egypt and foreign markets.

GOEIC also meets the requirements of EGAC (Egyptian Accreditation Council) within the framework of the mutual recognition agreement signed between the council (EGAC) and the “International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation” (ILAC) in the field of accreditation of calibration labs, tests and medical analyzes, technical aptitude testing service providers and inspection bodies.

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