GOEIC "General Organization for Export and Import Control" has been approved as Conformity Assessment Body in Saudi "SABER" program

Publish Date 26/07/2020 11:59 AM
Last Update 29/07/2020 11:00 AM

With all the efforts of Ministry of Trade and Industry and its affiliated bodies to facilitate trade exchange between Egypt and other world countries. M.G. Ismael Gaber the Chairman of GOEIC announced that GOEIC has been approved as Conformity Assessment Body accepted in Saudi "SABER" program with the approval of "Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Org." in the regulation of leather, shoes and textile products.

He added that this approval is a result of continues cooperation between GOEIC and Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Org. as it contributes in facilitating the process of transfer of goods and products to the Saudi market, which reflects positively on increasing rates of trade exchange between Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, pointing out that GOEIC invites producing companies, exporters and importers in the Middle East and North Africa region to apply to obtain certificates of conformity of products according to the requirements of the Saudi regulations and standards approved by the "SABER" program at the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Org.

The Chairman of GOEIC pointed out that the online platform for "Saber" program provides all information about the program, and data about the international geographical ranges for the international accepted conformity assessment bodies, including "GOIEC" in the geographical range of the Middle East and North Africa region, giving attention that this platform also provides data of the currently accredited technical regulations by the program explaining the numbers and names of Saudi standards and their requirements.

M.G. Ismael Gaber clarified that the platform also contributes in speeding up the procedures for registering conformity certificates required for consumer products electronically, whether imported or locally manufactured, and reducing the time required to complete customs procedures for consumer products in Saudi Customs, along with raising the level of safe products, and reducing products that do not conform to regulations and specifications.


He added that the registration of GOEIC in "Saber" system follows the approach adopted by GOEIC itself to comply with the highest international quality standards, as GOEIC comes to the forefront of the bodies obtained the quality certificate "ISO - 19001", and that all of GOEIC Labs have the quality certificate "ISO – 17025" in the field of food and industrial inspection. And he pointing out that GOEIC is the only entity in Egypt that has the quality certificate "ISO – 17065" in the field of quality matching for home appliances that operate with liquefied gas.

Gaber also confirmed that GOEIC is very keen to improve the system of services provided to the community of exporters and importers by applying the updated systems, and adhering to the rules followed internationally in the procedures of inspection and sampling which contributes in facilitating trade movement between Egypt and external markets.

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