Training (6515) trainees of the non-employees at GOEIC Training Centre

Publish Date 17/03/2020 10:14 AM
Last Update 17/03/2020 01:09 PM

GOEIC Training Centre has trained a number of (6515) trainees of the non-employees. Including (6005) trainees of Importers at 'Practicing Importation' program through (149) programs started on August 6th 2017 to February 13th 2020, and (501) trainees of Exporters at 'Practicing Exportation' program through (21) programs from October 28th 2018 to February 6th 2020.

As GOEIC is very keen to develop its human resources, GOEIC Training Centre prepares training courses for the employees to raise their efficiency, and create trained human cadres, and the most prominent of these programs are: {Methods of detection of Salmonella microbe causing food poisoning according to ISO 6579/2017 standard specifications}, {Strategic goods, and grasses and their pests and diseases}, and {ISO 9001/2015}.

In addition to many training programmes in the field of 'computer', 'language' and 'management'.

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