Chairman of GOEIC receives a delegation from the international company Michelin to learn about the methods and specifications of tire tests in GOEIC laboratories

Publish Date 02/03/2023 11:33 AM
Last Update 02/03/2023 01:46 PM

At the beginning of the meeting, Eng. Essam El-Naggar, Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control, welcomed the delegation members of Michelin Company, headed by Mr. Anil Fernandes, Regional Director for the Middle East for Sales, and Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud, Sales Manager of Michelin-Egypt, and the guests representing import and export companies.

Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud, sales manager of Michelin-Egypt, presented an introduction to the Michelin group, quality certificates, tire tests, and the developments that have taken place so far, reviewing the company's sales volume, manufacturing locations, and dealing volume in the Egyptian market.

Mr. Anil Fernandes gave a speech on the development and manufacture of tires at Michelin.

Also, a discussion was held with GOEIC engineers about the methods of issuing E-mark certificates, and finding out the latest updates regarding the E2 certificates in the French government, in addition to discussing the quality methods used in Michelin factories, and the specifications and quality certificates for electric train tires.

At the end of the meeting, Eng. Essam Al-Naggar thanked the Michelin delegation and the guests and attendees from the Central Administration for Industrial Imports and the Central Administration for Industrial Laboratories.

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