GOEIC reviewed the role of standards and laboratories in addressing the negative impact of climate change and achieving sustainability at COP 27/2022

Publish Date 13/11/2022 11:24 AM
Last Update 13/11/2022 01:32 PM

Presentation of the laboratories of the General Organization for Export and Import Control in the preservation of the environment, the most important of which are: (Paints Eco-Performance Efficiency Lab - Cooling Media Testing lab - Energy Efficiency Label Testing Labs - Water Rationalization Labs- Water Analysis Lab - Textile and Leather Testing Lab - Plastic Testing Lab).


 Eng. Essam Al-Naggar, Chairman of the General Organization for Export and Import Control, reviewed GOEIC outstanding role in countering the negative impact of climate changes and achieving sustainability in preserving the environment under the slogan "You cannot manage what you cannot measure" as the following:  



  1. The establishment of a laboratory to inspect biodegradable plastic products and to obtain international accreditation in accordance with international standards. The conformity certification unit obtains accreditation in the field of Saudi technical regulation of biodegradable plastic products.
  2. Establishment of the plastic inspection lab” physical, chemical, mechanical” recycled rubber, scrap, plastic waste, rubber, and equipping the plant with state-of-the-art equipment to contribute to the green marking system for safe and environmentally friendly substitute products.
  3. During the coming period, GOEIC aims to establish a biodegradation testing lab during the estimation of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases from various products that directly or indirectly affect the sustainable development goals.
  4. Establishment of 8 Energy Efficiency Label Testing Laboratories for appliances. on the other hand GOEIC aim is to open 4 labs to conduct energy rationalization tests for household appliances of all kinds, electric motors and light bulbs.
  5. Establishment of 5 Cooling Media Testing laboratories in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment to tighten import control.
  6. Establishment of Paints Eco-Performance Efficiency Lab specializing in testing volatile organic carbon materials, heavy metals and formaldehyde.
  7.  Establishment of Water Rationalization Labs specializing in "water mixers, water pumps" and a water Analysis lab.



We commend the fact that on the margins of the participation at the COP climate summit 27 the Egyptian General Organization for Standards and Quality in cooperation with the General Organization for Export and Import Control organized an interactive session entitled " "The role of standards in addressing the negative impacts of climate change and achieving sustainability" within the events of Carbon Emission Reduction Day, where the activities developed by GOEIC were reviewed in the context of adapting to climate change and reducing emissions of harmful substances to humans and the environment through the introduction of a unit to measure the environmental performance of different products.




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