Inauguration of dry batteries testing lab at Goeic’s Damietta port branch.

Publish Date 26/01/2021 12:30 PM
Last Update 07/02/2021 01:27 PM

IN the frame work of the directions of his Excellency the president Abd Elfatah Elsisi to establish central labs at the main ports, to accelerate the procedures of customs release for all goods besides the prime minister decisions on the same concern as well as the caution of Dr. Neveen Gamea, the minister of trade and industry on developing all labs affiliated to the ministry.

M. G. /Ismail Gaber the chairman of GOEIC inaugurated the lab of dried batteries at Damietta GOEIC’s branch in completion of the plan of developing all industrial labs at GOEIC.

This lab is considered to be the third lab at Goeic to inspect dried batteries preceded by the battery lab at Cairo airport branch as well as that at Port Said lab .Port Said lab inspects dry batteries till 15 volt with maximum current intensity of 10 Ampere; besides, it inspects the batteries of mobiles   with a capacity of 28 samples at a time.

His Excellency, in late November, Inaugurated the first lab in the republic Arab of Egypt to test water consumption rationalizing and the ability of mixers and valves at Damietta branch. The lab inspects all kinds of mixers, taps and valves according to the obligatory Egyptian specification and international standards and it can carry out 100 different tests.

M.G. Ismail Gaber asserted on GOEICs’ caution to develop its labs using the most modern apparatus and the newest technicality to create a complete system that is able to control the process of imports and exports and banning the incompatible and unknown products.

He pointed that a system of industrial and foodstuff labs at GOEIC will participate more in accelerating finishing all the procedures of sample inspection inside the ports in an accurate way. This will result into minimizing the time required to reduce release procedures for consignments, reducing costs and protecting the consumers from low quality products that are incompatible to specifications and providing high quality products at markets for achieving a competitive edge in foreign markets.

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