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ACES GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES is a leading provider of technical and inspection services with a global footprint. We help our customers in ensuring the overall quality of their goods and materials on a global level and protect them from the risks associated with international trade. The head office is accredited as a Type A inspection body in compliance with ISO/IEC 17020 Ed. 2012. ACES GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES is the largest private owned inspection company in Italy. ACES GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES provides ISO 17020 accredited Pre-Shipment Inspection services to several Customers operating in the most diverse fields everywhere in the world. Pre-Shipment Inspection service also encompasses a dedicated range of supervisory and monitoring activities during stuffing, containerization, loading and unloading operations on goods and materials, before they are shipped to the final destination. Once received at the final destination, the goods and materials can be re-inspected to assure the absence of damages, degradations, tampering, loss, or theft. Such inspections are undertaken by ACES GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES qualified and specialized inspection engineers at manufacturers’ premises and/or at shipping ports, but it can also be conducted at different locations throughout the supply chain. Once the inspection, supervisory, and monitoring activities are positively concluded a narrative and pictorial inspection report and the relevant certificate of inspection is provided to the customer, to document the overall compliance of the inspected goods and materials in relation to the required scope of service. Such report/certificate can be utilized for goods' custom clearance and credit negotiation should the funds be transferred from buyer to seller through a documentary letter of credit. ACES GLOBAL QUALITY SERVICES deploys a multidisciplinary team of experts and a unique global network of inspectors to eliminate trading uncertainty and enhance confidence along the whole supply chain ensuring that the traded goods and materials are compliant with the stipulated requirements and handled and shipped in a safe and proper manner. ACES GQS is able to provide a vast range of services, covering a diverse range of equipment and products. Our skills, ability, professionalism, coupled with significant geographical coverage and a cost saving philosophy, have been appreciated and acknowledged by our clients

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Mr. Stefano Beretta

Contact person In Egypt:
Mr. Mohamed Elsnoty
Care of The Italian Chamber Of Commerce In Egypt
phone: 0223919911
mobile: 01288000261
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