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Quality Policy

GOEIC is responsible for conformity of imported and exported commodities according to the standard specifications, issuing certificates of origin, extracting business records, and providing foreign trade data online in order to support both decision makers and takers to ensure customer satisfaction through:

  1. Applying quality management system on all organization activities procedures, in accordance with ISO 9001/2015.

  2. Make it available to the interest sides and customers upon the request and all who are look after GOEIC activity.

  3. Achieving the regulatory and legal requirements, and the current and potential requirements of the client.

  4. Employing highly efficient staff, constantly providing training according to modern techniques, and exchanging experience with similar service organizations.

  5. Reviewing quality policy and objectives within the framework of management review and to be sure that they are understood and applied.

  6. Constant improvement of the quality management system applicable in the Organization, thus improving performance of GOEIC activities.

  7. GOEIC was committed to fulfill all the international specification requirements (ISO 9001/2015) which they are applied.


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