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ASTC - AS Test Certification Group Limited, headquartered in Hangzhou, is one of the Chinese's leading companies in the field of inspection, verification, testing and conformity certification. We offer a world-class service across our unique global network in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North of Africa.

ASTC aim is to offer a “One-Stop-Solution” providing customized services. We are an international company that employs experts to serve in the fields of evaluation of conformity in more than 20 countries worldwide. ASTC developed an extensive experience in governmental programs, providing assistance to government agencies, customs, and clients to check the conformity of imports with national or regional quality and safety standards.

Whether your business is local or international, we will ensure that your products meet quality, health, safety, environment and social responsibility standards in the market you target. Our trusted network of professionals and certified laboratories provide expertise across industrial and consume sectors.

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Contact info

ASTC Limited Global
+0086-132 6299 9001
ASTC China YiWu
ASTC China Guangzhou
+0086 131 6709 5557
+0086 132 1515 1575
ASTC Europe
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