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GOEIC Policy

General Engineer Ismail Jaber Mohammed

General Policy:

GOEIC is a service authority, its main and primary purpose is to facilitate the movement of trade, encourage and develop Egyptians exports, and remove any barriers to its prosperity, development and expansion in all areas through its competencies which aim at protecting Egyptian citizen, operationalizing principles of transparency and flexibility in the area of quality control on exports and imports guided by approved international and global specifications, and the importance of ensuring the need for the implementation of standardization of all procedures related to GOEIC's works in all areas as well as paying attention to the selection of leaders of second tier in order to improve and develop the quality of its performance in accordance with spirit of the age and its rapid pace.

General principles:

  • Honesty, integrity, justice, completion of works on time and providing good treatment for the public.
  • Discipline and good looking.
  • Maintaining public funding and paying attention to job duties and responsibilities.
  • Developing a system for internal follow-up that aims at completing works timely.
  • Serving exporters and importers.
  • Paying attention to developing young leaders to improve and developing performance quality in accordance with spirit of the age and its rapid pace.


First: In the area of exports

Paying attention to small exporters, raising their awareness, supporting them, and providing them with all export instructions helping them to globally compete and enter promising global markets.

Second: Food and industrial imports

Ongoing follow-up until termination of proceedings and results follow-up and assessment.

Developing a system ensuring the continuation of technical and laboratory proceedings; to overcome backlog and damage of lots and delay penalties and checking for document cycle integration of lots and collection of precisely prescribed fees.

Third: Laboratories

Ensuring establishment of modern and developing laboratories and equipping it with state-of-the-art technical means for inspections and tests in line with international standards.

Standardization of inspection and testing operations across all GOEIC laboratories.

Accrediting all GOEIC laboratories in order to ensure accurate and internationally recognized results.

Developing periodical programs to calibrate and maintain instruments, making it suitable for use.

Implementing programs to keep lab staff updated with information, and technical and practical skills, and developing their distinct technical capacities.

Full compliance with standard and mandatory specifications approved by Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality (ESO) and strict compliance with specification area.


Developing an internal follow-up system to ensure adherence to testing labs efficiency rules and results accuracy.

Fourth: Training

Training GOEIC personnel, especially the young employees in order to qualify them to be leaders of second tier, in specialized training centers (in-house or outside) through specific annual plans, focusing on language and computer training and specialized activities to improve their skills and give them the opportunity to intellectually and practically innovate.

Devoting attention to regular on-the-job training for all staff.

Fifth: IT

Automation all organization procedures.

Establishment of foreign trade data warehouse which are the key source for foreign trade data in Egypt.

Establishment of commerce services center to be responsible for responding to all enquiries and complaints, in addition to issuing business sector reports.

Creating of a service portal for GOEIC containing all information and procedures undertaken by the GOEIC, and many interactive services to facilitate the movement of trade.

Sixth: Financial and Administrative Affairs

Rationalizing government expenditure and compliance with expenditure terms.

Financial integration and objective planning are crucial for good management.

Taking interest in personnel rights.

Carrying out regular maintenance of laboratory and administrative premises in a manner meeting personnel and clients needs.

date of publication : Tue,28 Feb 2017 11:49 am
Last updated: Tue,28 Feb 2017 11:49 am
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