GOEIC History


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GOEIC History

General Organization for Export and Import Control

 President of United Arab Republic’s Decree No. 1770 of 1971, concerning the establishment of General Organization for Export and Import Control and Republican Decree No. 339 of 1986 on 6/8/1986, concerning amendment of composition of the board of directors, to download the decree Click here...

In the light of the state economic reform policies to keep pace with patterns and systems of the evolving global trade, the political leadership gives considerable interest to the role of GOEIC in serving the national economy. Many decrees, laws and regulations have been issued. It emphasized that “GOEIC is the only regulatory authority charged with inspection processes of exported and imported commodities.”

GOEIC History

  • 1936

    Five divisions have been established to inspect and control agricultural products exports, each of which is affiliated to a specialized department of Ministry of Trade in: (Alexandria - Port Said - Suez - Benha - Rod El Farag market).

  • 1959

    Law No. 203 was enacted to establish Vice-Ministry of Export Matters affiliated to Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade which supervises the above-mentioned five divisions.

  • 1971

    In the early 1970s, state interest in import and export activity has increased, with the issuance of presidential decree NO. 1770 of 1971 concerning establishment of General Organization for Export and Import Control; as a service and executive body responsible for quality control on exports and imports of food and industrial commodities, issuance of certificates of origin and commercial registration, and sorting and arbitrating for agricultural crops.

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