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GEO CHEM laboratories

GEO CHEM LABORATORIES is an independent international inspection, testing and certification company founded in 1964. The core activity of GEO-CHEM is inspection, trade control, independent testing and inspection, analysis and certification of shipments, as well as providing specialized services in import/export verification, industrial and marine investigation for P&I clubs and insurance companies, reducing Losses, inventory management services, preservation and warehousing services, assessment of damage to ships and marine equipment, mixing and introduction of additives / dyeing of marine liquid cargoes, pre-installation and post-installation inspection of industrial machinery, plant and equipment. We also provide our services around the world, through our partners around the world ،through 1500 qualified and experienced employees trained to serve our customers with strict adherence to quality procedures and standards, as well as maintaining unbiased professionalism through integrity, dedication and complete confidentiality as Geo Chem operations and services are maintained in accordance with internationally accepted ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 17025 and QHSE standards

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