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General Organization for Export and Import Control

It is a service- provider organization that works to protect the consumer and preserve Egypt's reputation by examining commodity exports and imports with the latest scientific methods and equipment, as well as preparing statistics on exports and imports. The General Organization for Export and Import Control works with the sectors of the Ministry of Trade and Industry as a cooperating system whose main and primary goal is to facilitate the movement of trade, encourage Egyptian industries, develop exports of all kinds, and raise their competitive capabilities in all global markets to achieve progress and prosperity for the country and the Egyptian citizen. In accordance with the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 378 of 1999, the General organization for Export and Import Control is one of the bodies directly affiliated to the Minister of Trade and Industry.

Presidential Decree No. 1770 of 1970 establishing the General Organization for Export and Import Control (Download text of the resolution)

Chairman of the General Organization for Export Control

The Major General Engineer Staff of war/ Essam Al-Nagar, was born in 1965 and obtained a Bachelor of Military Sciences in 1987, a Bachelor of Engineering from Cairo University in 1995, a Master of Military Sciences and a senior War College fellow- Nasser Higher Military Academy, the Egyptian Defense Attaché in Tunisia.


The organization performs the following activities:

  1. Selective quality control over exports and imports.

    The organization is one of the state agencies as a service and executive body that specializes in quality control over exports and imports of industrial goods, and the issuance of certificates of origin and commercial registrations.

  2. Issuance of the following records:
  3. Issuance of certificates of origin for Egyptian-originating products and that acquired Egyptian-origin status. :

    GOEIC issues certificates of origin and movements for exports of Egyptian origin goods or that acquired the Egyptian origin exported to the countries that concluded bilateral, regional or multilateral trade agreements with Egypt under which Egypt enjoys preferential treatment, except for what is mentioned in a special provision in any of these agreements.


The organization performs the aforementioned activities within the framework of the following legislations:

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