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About Comibassal:
Comibassal is a national authority working in the field of inspection and revision as a consulting firm and neutral international body aiming to protect the importer, exporter, and consumer through securing their access to contracting food and agricultural commodities, by achieving the conformity of these commodities with the agreed upon specifications between contracting parties. The processes of food and agricultural inspection include the following: Taking samples representing the food and agricultural lot. Following-up inspection and analysis processes to ensure the safety, validity, and conformity of the goods with the specifications defined between contracting parties. Ensuring the validity of the ships, its cargo holds, and refrigerators to ship the contracting goods. Following-up the filling and packaging processes, ensuring their suitability to the conditions of transport, shipment, and unloading, as well as validating the data recorded on them. Inspection of meat, poultry, fish and their products. Calibrating the oil tanks. Issuing inspection certification of conformity of the food and agricultural goods with the specifications. Legal status: Comibassal for review and international expertise is a cooperative and productive association with a fully administrative organization subject to the Productive Cooperation Act No. 110 of 1975, which registered under No. 157 of 1958. Comibassal is a consulting firm and neutral body works in the field of inspection, revision, and international expertise aimed at serving and protecting the importer and the consumer from the commercial fraud and maritime deception. Accreditation certificates: Quality certificate ISO 17020: 2012 Quality certificate ISO 9001: 2015 Membership of GAFTA Organization Membership of FOSFA Organization

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Tell: +2034870573
Fax: +2034863798
Address: Safya Zaghlol - Elraml Station - Alexandria - Egypt
Managers :

Osman Ahmed Lotfy
Cellphone: 01207082615
Tell: +2034861691
Fax: +2034861691
Address: 67 Mamoud Fahmy elnoqrashy - Elmansheah - Alexandria
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