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About AmSpec:
AmSpec covers the services of inspection, testing, and analysis of grains, fertilizers, oil and their derivatives in Europe, Black Sea, Australia, North and South America as well as the Middle East, North Africa, Africa, China, India and many other countries and geographical regions. The company’s vision is to expand in order to cover many agricultural, mining and petroleum activities as well as establish labs with highest level of modern techniques to help importers, exporters, producers, and consumers to provide accurate results to help in evaluating their products, improve their quality, and make sure of their conformity with the global specifications. The company has accreditations of ISO, GAFTA, FOSFA and several international and local accreditations; helping us to gain trust of many customers. For the branches of the inspection company and its approval area click here...

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Tell: +2034040412
Address: 14 Bahaa Elghotry St, - floor 8 - Smoha - Alexandria - Egypt
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