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A leading audit and audit company headquartered in Turkey with branches in more than 40 countries around the world. We specialize in inspection, audit and certification.

We have been accredited by the General Organization for Export and Import Control in the field of food, industrial and grain testing. We provide our customers with the "Certificate of Conformity" required for the program of Egypt

Whether you are an industrial company, a factory operator active in commerce, the service sector, an emerging company or a company. Whether you want to develop something that already exists or create something new. Whether you wish to export goods to Egypt or other countries. Safety and security are two of the main concerns in any case. It also has the right partner for all matters related to safety, security and quality. Our technical expertise provides you with the added value of a sustainable, flexible, and, above all, viable solution. In Turkey and all over the world

Services provided to the company in the field of inspection

  • Examination of industrial and consumer goods       
  • And the examination of textiles and leather in the country of origin  
  • Examination of chemical products   
  • Examination of food commodities     
  • Inspection of agricultural commodities, cereals and food inspection  
  • Marine Services and Container Inspection  
  • Issuing conformity certificates in accordance with Egyptian standards  
For the branches of the inspection company and its approval area click here...

Contact Us:

Yanki Unal, Country Manager
Tell: +905306990456
Dema Hourani, Technical Manager
Tell: +905380843007
Cüneyt Kelen, Operation Manager
Tell: +905380843027
Ahmed Hassanin
V AUSTRIA TURK Representative
Tell: +201009278557
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