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Registration of integration with Sudan

Department of Integration with Sudan:

The Department shall extract the integration card between the two parts of the Nile Valley in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 317 of 1999 and request the following documents:


Commercial Register:

A copy of the commercial register shall be taken after the original match or an official extract from the commercial registry of Aswan explaining:

  • Type of activity (recorded as an integration commodity or export term).
  • Title of the activity (no Minimum capital or practice date required).

Tax card:

The copy of the tax card is up to the data and is identical to the data of the commercial register after it is originally matched and is recorded by the export activity or the integration goods and is not required to be issued by Aswan taxes.

Realization of the person's personality:

They are required to have expired for more than 10 years or to bring proof of nationality and the applicant must not be employed by the government, the public sector or the local government.

Criminal Case paper:

It is required to be modern and addressed to the body and has no crimes against honour or freedom restricted (the newspaper may be accepted to any government entity provided that it is modern and accepts only the original and is for the individual merchant and for the corporate partners).

Customs Certificate:

That the merchant has never engaged in frontier trade and if he has already worked in the frontier trade, he is preparing for the lack of indebtedness for the new restriction (the first time).

The validity of the card is renewed five years from the date of payment of administrative expenses.

The card is issued on the same day the application is submitted to the Lmra branch in Aswan.

Request for Card extraction:

Which is written in front of the competent employee and issued the card on the basis of the acceptance of the application if it is signed by the owner of the concerned and has the validity of a signature from the bank without the need to attend the owner and accept documents from the agent whether a special power of attorney or General power of attorney or authorization to sign from the bank and request personal  And its image of preservation with the public or private power of attorney or delegation.


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